79'er Keep Cousin Reunion

The whole Keep clan usually has a Christmas gathering but it was cancelled this year. We all had new babies so we HAD to get together! It was so great to see everyone again. Thanks for coming!

Cassandra September 21, 2007
Callum August 28, 2007
Andrew August 27, 2007
Michael November 12, 2007

Tanya with MichaelCallum and Andrew
"Now I've got YOUR ear!"

Callum and Cassandra hangin' out.

Cassandra "Nice...who's your hairdresser?"

Callum "Hey! I have toes!"

Andrew "Hmm...I wonder when I'll start walking..."

Michael "My hands are dry. Better wet them."

Marissa and Rachael Janssen
Ray with his girls

Nicole and new baby Michael

Matt...sorry this is the only picture of you! :)

Annette with Andrew

Cassandra"Guys, you're supposed to look at the camera!" Callum "What's goin on over there?" Andrew "Man, my fist is soooo good!" Michael "When am I gonna EAT?!"

Jack and Cassandra

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