Harsevoort Sinterklaas

Rick with Jonah and new baby Isaiah Playing Dutch Blitz Jonah

Caleb with the helicopter everyone wanted to play with!
Callum soaking himself with drool

Joshua, Olivia, Reuben and Bethany
Alicia, Jonah, Aaron and Kim...and yummy food!

Aaron's new toy!


Lisa said...

Aww...I'm so sad we missed it! Looks like fun as always. I did get to talk to Callum on the phone that night though, did he tell you? He wasn't terribly happy at the time!

willow sprite said...

Yeah, we missed you guys! No, Callum never told me...he was grumpy for a while with all the noise, but when everyone went downstairs after dinner he was quite happy blowing raspberries by himself on the couch while we women played Blitz!