I Never Write...

...why is that? I always think of great things to put on my blog, but then forget about them. One thing I regret not putting here is the milestones Callum keeps passing! So, I will definately be doing that more often. It dosen't help that he is growing so fast!

He knows so many words now, although he cannot say most of them. He knows what sounds certain animals make, such as sheep, dogs, cats, owls (his favorite) and cows. He loves butterflies! He does this little thing where he puts both his hands way up in the air and waves them saying "Ba, ba, ba!" That is his imitation of a butterfly. "Ba" means other things as well, such as blanket, brush, (he brushes his hair with his little hairbrush....and toothbrush!) bottle, and it's his way of saying "BOO!" when he peeks around a doorway at you.

He loves to push buttons, put lids on things, put objects in boxes or containers, stack things, and cuddle his stuffed animals. (He always says "Awwww..." when he does that too.)
It is amazing how he picks up things so quickly! I usually show him something once and he knows it...I can't get over that. He has finally stopped trying to dive off the couch after I showed him how to turn around and go feet first. So whenever he starts to slide forward head first I say "Turn around!" and then he turns around and puts his feet down to the floor.

Oh, and mom, you're going to love this one: When we say "Amen" after dinner, he folds his cute, chubby little hands and becomes still. Or if he's sitting on my lap after dinner, he'll place his hands over our folded ones. So adorable.

I love being a mom, and I am glad that God has given me the opportunity to be one! I am so blessed to be able to stay at home and play and teach and nurture my little child. I have been asked if I would be going back to "work", but this is my job now, and I can't imagine leaving him with someone else while I go and do another job...I would miss so many opportunities in his life and mine.

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Kevin and Amy said...

What a cutie! Great pics, too. My kids also always say "Awwww" when they hug someone or something. Makes it extra cute, eh? Glad he's developing well and picking up on all those new things!