Sleeping Angel Photo Contest

I am entering a contest for a bedroom set at 5 Minutes for Mom! Details are here. It would be nice to furnish Callum's room finally! I'm going for the Summer Breeze set in pine!
I just had to post the progression pictures too, (complete with a drop of drool about to fall) they are so adorable! This was from Mom and Dad H's anniversary party, when Cal skipped his nap and ended up falling asleep on Aunt Sandra...


Lisa said...

I don't know how you could not win with that cutie!

Kevin and Amy said...

How cute! Let us know if/when we can vote!

Mum said...

I agree! Let us know if we can vote!
He's the most beautiful grandbaby around. Heck, he's my one and only, so what can I say? But wow...what a doll! Reminds me of a sleeping cherub photo I've seen.
Sleep well lil Callum!
Good luck Sherbear!