Earth Hour

Earth Hour is a symbolic event. Turning off our lights for an hour won’t stop climate change but it does demonstrate that our individual action is important and adds up to make a big difference. More importantly, it sends a very powerful message to government and world leaders that people want policies and regulations put in place that can achieve meaningful emission reduction to help fight climate change.

Sign up today! There are only three days left until Earth Hour, WWF's global call to action on climate change. On March 28, the world will be sending a strong united message to the world leaders - and we need you to be part of the action!

Canada has the third highest number of cities signed up for Earth Hour, with over 250 cites, towns and municipalities ready to turn out the lights! There are tens of thousands of people on Facebook talking about how they will be celebrating Earth Hour and people across the country are Twittering about the big event.

We still need your help! WWF is asking people to register your participation at EarthHourCanada.org. Even if you are already planning to turn out your lights for Earth Hour, please lend your name to the cause so WWF can track and report on participation here in Canada, and around the world, to show world leaders that Canadians want action on climate change, and are ready to be part of the solution. Make your voice heard today - sign up at EarthHourCanada.org!

And remember... by signing up you also have a chance to win a trip for two to visit the polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba! If you have already signed up, you can still be entered in the contest. Just go to EarthHourCanada.org, re-register, and then check the box that says you want to be entered in the contest. It's that easy!

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