Yesterday I received this lovely package from Matchstick! Matchstick is a word of mouth company who believes that the most powerful selling of products and ideas takes place not marketer to consumer, but consumer to consumer.
When I applied I wasn't expecting to "get in" as I do not have a gazillion followers. Was I pleasantly surprised! What I recieved in this package was all three of the new products in Herbal Essences' Hydralicious line, in both a shampoo and conditioner. There's "Featherweight", "Reconditioning", and "Self-Targeting", all focussing on, you guessed it, hydration for your hair.
I always use moisturizing products to help keep the curl in my hair, and help repair & protect it from dryer damage.
Stay tuned for my reviews!
Oh, I also have a whack of free product coupons. Anyone interested? ;)


Lisa said...

YES PLEASE!!! I love free coupons...and I like Herbal Essences products. Just not their commercials...

Anonymous said...

Me too, please!
I like free!

PS: Brian was supposed to trade maple syrup with you.

Anonymous said...

me three!! Please!!!


Anonymous said...

yes please (and thank you!)
Can't wait to be Hydralicious!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the free coupons Sherri!
Can't wait to use them!