C-note's Two!

My not-so-great attempt at making a car...afterwards I wished I could do it over!
Thanks everyone for coming even though it was pretty cold! C-note was really excited to have so many people over.
The wind actually blew the candle out. (Don't tell him that...)
C's buddy.
There's never been that many children in there before!
He was very excited to get a card.
...then came the first present! He was extremely happy about this one. Tractors are his favorite! It never left his hands the rest of the day.

He was so spoiled with all his gifts!
"What, Mommy? Clothes? Yeah...sure...nice...."

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Jenn said...

2 already!! How time flies by. Sorry we couldn't make it, I'm glad you had a good day. And the car looks great!