Time Flies

Where does the time go? Sometimes it seems like only a short while ago that Callum came into our lives.
As happy as I am to see him reach every stage and learn so much, there's still that selfish part of me that wants to keep him as my little chubby boy forever, so full of wonder and laughter! I can't help but be amazed at his development so far. He knows so many words, some of which I don't know how he knows! For instance, we were reading his "chicken book" and for some reason the mama hen had black and orange striped legs. He pointed to them and said "Tiger stripes!" He knows tigers, and he knows stripes, but he has this really neat ability to put two things together. It must be all those books we read to him, because he will take concepts from the books and apply them to his play.
He knows all his colours, and shapes including "legam" (parallelogram) "umbus" (rhombus) and "ockagone" (octagon), and can count to twelve! He's pretty good at following instructions, even a few at once (push down on the car, pull back, then let go!) I have asked him to ask daddy to get his pajamas on. He went into his bedroom, got his pajamas and brought them to Stu, asking him to put them on. Time to start potty training?
It's so fun to watch him play (now that he's doing that more by himself) all his characters have a high-pitched voice when they talk to each other, they all eat grass (carpet) including the tractor, and go to sleep (lays on their sides and snore). The other day the bunny was telling the tractor and horse that it was suppertime and then they would go and eat.
The imagination that boy has is astounding. There are things he does that I thought only older children would do. He crawls on all fours and pretends he's a cat, or a tiger, or hops and he's a frog. Once we were playing and he picked up something invisible and put it on my character, a tiger, who was sleeping. I asked him what it was, and he said it was a blanket.
He seems to understand so much, and it seems that we only have to tell him something once, and he gets it. He says "Coos me." when he burps. He knows concepts like up, down, big, little, etc. Seeing him put them all together in well-structured sentences is great. "Bird! Up there in the sky in the clouds!" "Where Daddy go? Daddy! Wh'are yooooou?" Me: "Daddy's at work." Him: "Daddy at work in a grass in a tractor!"
Trying so hard to make it work!

Running through laundry is fun!
Big shoes to fill...

What's that strange creature?

Pure boy, bumps, scrapes and all.

Hmmm....where did Callum go...

Playing with Daddy

"Helping" do dishes.

"Helping" make cookies.


Jenn said...

Yeah, he definately is getting BIG! And very smart too! Must take after mom eh?

Anonymous said...

ohhh the cuteness of Callum - good to hear he's still doing the different voices when he's playing - love that.
great pictures - specially the with the clothespin.

Marlaine said...

Nice blog entry, Sher! I enjoyed reading it... Callum is one cute and smart little guy!