Five Weeks

My Boys

Has it been that long already? On the other hand, sometimes it feels like he's been with us forever...
Things are starting to settle down here. When C-note came home he was very demanding of my attention, so I would hear "Look what I'm doing!" about a hundred times a day. Which was understandable since a lot of the time I was feeding, changing, burping, or just holding A-team, which I am sure made him feel left out. But I made sure I always answered him and watched him do his goofy thing he wanted me to watch, no matter how frazzled I was! I was getting tension headaches everyday, and when he had a tantrum, my anxiety levels went through the roof! They would happen a lot at dinner time, which made it hard for me to swallow food sometimes...
I didn't really expect our world to be turned upside down again with a second child, but then again I didn't really know what to expect. Maybe things would be easier? Not with a toddler who has suddenly become a lot more defiant! We are starting to see signs of my sweet, good-natured little boy coming back, though. He'll be three in August, so the "terrible two" will be over...right?
Having another little one definately changes the family dynamic. C-note used to be my baby boy, the only one I needed to take care of (well, ok, Stu needed some care too...;)) now so much of my time is taken by A-team, I don't often find myself playing on the floor with C-note like I used to. I know that won't last forever, but it dosen't stop me from feeling bad about it, and kind of sad that he's not my little baby anymore!
We are getting more sleep now that A-team only wakes up for feeding twice per night. It's amazing how much sleep can affect your everyday life. I'm not dragging myself around during the day, feeling like I'm just making it through! Now, to get some much neglected housework done... ;)

"Look what I'm doing!"

Bubbly smiles. I finally caught one on camera!


Time to play in the gorgeous sunshine!

"Hi, Mom!"


rkingma said...

Asher is so sweet Sherri! You've got two handsome little guys there. Thanks for sharing the lovely pics,

Lisa said...

Yay, pictures!
I'm glad to hear things are settling down... and that you are getting some more sleep!
See you Saturday?

mom said...

Great pics and wonderful video!
Thanks for the update!
p.s. I gave Oma a piece of your chocolate delight! She loved it. She's been trying to call you to see how Asher and you are doing.
luv, Mom