To Stu's fellow Educational Psychology students who bought A-team this wonderful gift: thank you all so much! We love books! C-note is borrowing them for now, until A-team can read them. The Walmart giftcard came in handy for buying baby supplies, too.
Stu, Sherri, C-note and A-team


PietHarsevoort said...

You're welcome, 301.

T.B.H. said...

He's so precious, Sherri!

Dr. Mary Ashun said...

Aaaahhh...he looks so absolutely adorable! We look forward to hearing how Stuart applies all the Van Brummelen principles (and much of Santrock's too) to '301's (AKA Asher's) 'classroom management'!
Sherri, congratulations...glad that the gifts were useful.
God bless you richly,
Dr. Ashun