Happy Father's Day!

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mum said...

I remember dad explaining things to you, and after a while, you'd be like "ok, I go play now", ONLY cuz it didn't interest you. When I explain things, I have a little bit more of life in my voice and it's fun with little kids. I would make my eyes bigger in appropiate places of my sentence, and when I did that, your eyes would go big too. I love it with the daycare kids too and can't wait till Callum and Hailey are old enough to listen to a long explanation too. Bradley will look at me and frown when I frown, and squint his eyes when I squint them while getting to the "teeny tiny" discription of what I am explaining to them. Then for kicks, I would say, when they don't expect it, BAM! and scare them!. THey love it...LOL
That's my fav part of the daycare time..story time before bed and after their bath. We'll have no sounds coming from tv or anyting..and I am telling them an imaginated story, and when I whisper, Makayla will put her little fingers to her lips in anticipation of the wonder of WHY I am whispering. LOVE it!