Each year, Environmental Working Group conducts research on sunscreen so you have the latest information to help protect your family before you head out for fun summer activities.

After analyzing 500 sunscreens, including major brands like Hawaiian Tropic, Banana Boat and Neutrogena, EWG was only able to recommend 39 of them in this year's sunscreen report -- a mere eight percent. That means a whopping 461 of them either don't provide adequate protection or contain potentially hazardous ingredients, or both.

More than a million cases of skin cancer are diagnosed every year in the United States alone. Families may think they're doing the right thing by lathering themselves with brand sunscreen, but in many cases the sunscreens they use don't work as well as they should to protect against the sun's damaging UV rays.

Take a look at EWG's 2010 Sunscreen Guide for the latest information. Find the best sunscreen for your family, check to see how your current sunscreen rates, and you can even make a donation online to support EWG's important research.


mommy said...

interesting, and very important.
Can we also have more pics of the kids? heehee

Lisa said...

..and the sunscreen I just bought in bulk at Costco is on the "avoid" list... sigh..

willowsprite said...

Oh, dear! Can you return it?
EWG and The Campaign for Safe Cosmeticshave really opened my eyes. I really scrutinize what goes on our skin now.