Callum Says

The world through the eyes of a toddler.

I went into his room to get him up from a nap, and he sits up and, eyes closed, drowsily whimpers:
“My eyes are stuck shut. I can’t see everything, and you.”

We went for a walk to the pond:

C-note:“Look, it’s all sparkly. What’s that are those?” Me: “That’s the sun reflecting onto the water.” C-note: “Oh, the pond is a mirror for the sun!”

We went outside one day and one of the freight trucks was, well...just a trailer:

“The truck doesn’t have a face! Where did it go?”

At lunchtime, eating a sandwich:

“I don’t like the crunch.” Me: “Why not? That’s the best part.” Him: “Oh! Can I eat the crunch? Yum, yum.”

Driving in the truck, someone pulls right in front of me:

Me: "Aaaaargh!" C-note: "What's wrong, Mommy?" Me: "Oh, someone cut me off, and it made me angry." Him: "Oh, that truck cut Mommy off? He's a bad guy."

On vocations:
"When I get bigger and bigger and bigger I have my own tractor and go in the field and cut the grass!"

On bodycare:
"Can I have some of this handcream?" Me: "Why, are your hands dry?" Him: "Yeah, my hands have to be wet."

After Stu said "Guess what?" I responded with "What?" C-note says:

“Don’t say what, Mommy, say pardon.”


Zuster D. said...

I love this! :)

Jenn said...

Kids can be so stinking cute!

P.S...my word to post this comment:
dednespa...who's dead in a spa? I wouldn't go to that spa!!

Chelsey said...

I love the pardon one. It's so funny when they repeat back things they've heard you say.

The pond being a mirror one -- what a smartie!

Grace Wheeler said...

ha! Those are SO cute!!! I love the things are kiddos say!...and how they keep us on our toes (they listen SO closely to our every word!-Yikes!) :)

Thanks for your comment on my At the Well post!

Oh, and I love your wedding photo! So beautiful!