Bronte Creek

This Labour Day we went to Bronte Creek Provincial Park. We had a free pass that expired on that day, so we couldn't let it slip by! C-note was very excited about having a picnic. I don't think he's experienced one yet. Except for a truck picnic, but that doesn't really compare to sitting on a blanket out in the open air! Even the usual fare is much more tasty outside.They have a hobby type farm on the property with different kinds of animals in various small barns. We saw a few rabbits, peacocks, goats and cows. And a very large hog. It's too bad it was so late in the season, otherwise we would have seen the some babies, I think!

There were plenty of trails for hiking and strolling. We got some good exercise that day. Wonderful views to take in, too.

The drive home...


Lisa said...

Nice booster seat!

mum said...

GREAT pics!