Christmas Holidays

This year our tree was shortened and put on the trunk so A-team wouldn't be grabbing everything off the bottom branches. And that's the extent of our Christmas decorations! We don't have stockings or wreaths or anything...just a pretty tree to light up a dark corner on a drab winter month. Someday I'd like to get an advent wreath or something similar and begin a new tradition for our family. It would be a nice addition to help celebrate the true meaning of Christmas, not the one the world wants us to celebrate!
We gathered in Burlington for our annual family Christmas get-together. We played games and enjoyed plenty of delicious food.
C-note playing his new Silly Socks game with his cousins and Grandma.
A-team getting underfoot and underchair...At Grandma and Grampa's "up north" the children were spoiled with way too many presents. :) A-team recieved clothing, some toys and a teddy, and C-note got two games, washable markers, a colouring book and a big wooden train: Must not forget the olibolen...they only come around once a year! Well, twice for us 'cause we have two houses to visit and both my parents and in-laws make them! Yum. :)

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mum said...

hehe.even though I read all this before and saw all the pics, Didn't Asher get 2 teddys? I thought I gave him an Avon one too.
But ya, again, nice pics..lol