The Hamilton Children's Museum

Our trip to the Children's Museum in Hamilton. I wasn't sure why it was called a museum, as when I hear that word, I think "history," but I found out that museums can also be places that house items of scientific or artistic value. This museum is a hands-on, discover-how-things-work kind of place for kids!
There was a room with a board covered in loop fabric and pipes with velcro straps. You could position the pipes anywhere on the board by sticking them on, creating a ball run.Anticipating the arrival of the ball!A-team and I found a nice cozy corner to hang out in, with books, a mirror and a felt board to keep us entertained.
Playing in what used to be a closet or pantry.C-note discovered the felt board and gave it a go!
In another activity room there was a turtle swimming in a tank, much to the delight of a certain little boy!
And some fun mirrors!

Another room showcased a green screen with a monitor where you could imagine yourself in a medieval-type buliding. There were a few costumes on pegs as well. C-note is dressed in a centurion's smock and he's playing cymbals while Daddy plays the maracas. What a culture mash-up! And racket! ;)


mum said...

Nice pics!

Lisa said...

Such fun places, Children's Museums! The last time we were at the London one, they had a meterologist map setup. THe girls made all kinds of weather stories all over Canada - tornadoes, sunshine, snow, rain everywhere! Then they pretended to be on TV and explained it all

Jenn @ Beautiful Calling said...

Oh, I had no idea Hamilton had a children's museum. The turtle looks really neat!