Twelve Months

A-team celebrated his first birthday today. Already! Family helped us celebrate Friday and Saturday as well. I hope I get some photos from Saturday! :)

Likes: His brother, walking around the kitchen pushing a chair, baths, books, bananas.
Dislikes: His brother being bossy, having his face wiped, napping in places besides home, meat.
Words and sounds: Bible, door, bobble, shirt, soozer, book, ruff, meow, moo, raarr. He's very good at copying any word you say to him.

More photos to follow... I have a lot of updating to do too!


Zuster D. said...

He's like a little Callum!

Jenn said...

Happy Birthday Asher. I was thinking of you! They grow way too fast don't they? Enjoy and congrats!

Jenn @ Beautiful Calling said...

A year already? Wow. What a blessing that he's growing up to be such a big boy. Not too big for mommy-snuggles though :)