Poor Baby

Cold on top of a cold. Viral eye infection. Teething in addition to the rest of his troubles. Grumpy, snotty, clingy, sometimes pukey. Sleepless nights make tired parents. Was pretty ok waiting for 3 hours at the emerg and cool with all kinds of different medical personnel prodding with various instruments, though.

Get well soon, little boy.

All cleaned up...(which is a three times a day scream session) but still looking like someone punched him in the eyes. :(


Anonymous said...

Poor baby all right! Get better soon little man! We are all better here. Finished the antibiotics yesterd

Anonymous said...

yesterday, that is.

Marlaine said...

Yikes. Hope Asher's better soon! What an ordeal for you guys!!

CanuckRef said...

Aw, poor guy, he looks like someone beat him up!
I hope he's feeling better soon :(
Give him a hug from us...

mum said...

wow!...is he on antibiotics? Poor guy!