Still Here!

I hope to do some catching up on my blog, and getting into the habit of blogging more frequently. Everyone is healthy (for now) and I have no projects, so no excuses! As for the catching up at home...I think we're all in order now. Monday was such a write-off. Have you ever had one of those days when you're just way too tired to do anything but the basics? And to top that off you have a weather-headache? The boys didn't seem to mind that I passed some time on the couch. At least they still got to wrestle with their mama. All fun and games until someone gets a foot in the eye, though.

The reason for the exhaustion? A wonderful weekend of fun and fellowship! As part of the organizing team for the Women of Worth retreat, there wasn't much time for "retreating," as such, and, being busy, I didn't get as "into" the speeches as I hoped, but it was a blessing to be a part of, nonetheless. Just experiencing the emotional support we have in our sisterhood though Christ was amazing. Not to mention the tear-inducing drama talents of some of my dear friends Mrs. Bob and Mrs. A. And the hilarious drive home with the two of you...that was the best. I'll miss you both very much when we part ways...

That brings me to another subject: our year of change. After almost seven years of waiting and wondering what the Lord has kept in store for us, he has blessed us with an exciting new move...to Alberta! Stu has received a job offer at a school there starting this fall. Most of my readers (if you still read my pining blog) know already but I figured I would announce it officially. :)

I hope to write more on the subject, but first I must pelt you with pictures. I have so many yet to upload to bring this mostly-photo-blog back up to date.


Jenn said...

Congratulations Stu on the new job!! We wish you the Lord's blessing as you undertake this big move!

Anonymous said...

Big congrats to Stu!! May you continue to trust in your heavenly Father as you go through such a huge transition... He is always faithful!
Tanya and Jack

willowsprite said...

Thanks ladies! You must come to our going away party in...June or so!
And we need to have at least one more GNO. :D

Jenn @ Beautiful Calling said...

Oh, how wonderfully exciting! I'm sure it will be exciting and scary all at once!
My cousin and her husband moved out to Calgary last year and they say it's beautiful out there!