Another tired day.

Little one keeping me awake until 1:00. Then 4:00. Then 6:00.
I don't like mornings much, and the lack of sleep makes this one a bit of a trial. Although the children are cheerful at breakfast, I am not. I try not to let it show.

They want a bath. Sure! That will give me some quiet time for my morning devotions.
I warm up my coffee, which has gone cold waiting for me.

Screaming heard in the bathroom. One constantly pestering the other. I catch myself yelling again. Too many warnings. Two time outs. More discipline. Will I ever get my devotions done? Will I get anything done in the house with my hands pulling my hair out?

As I warmed up my morning coffee for the third time, I thank God for my two little blessings and ask for more patience.

Ah, patience.
Why can't I always have you? Why can't you come to me instead of anger, which makes me say, "Why do I have to keep telling you....!!"

Lunch is made with constant interruptions for attention and interventions. One spills an entire cup of milk all over clothes and the floor, while the other one keeps standing in his chair and screeching for something he can't have. I catch myself being exasperated again.


Lunch hour is over, clean up, (-ish) child washed. Again. As I warm up my coffee for the sixth time, I realize how patient God is with me and feel ashamed of my impatience. Instead of yelling "Why do I have to keep telling you?" our loving God constantly forgives, gently washing me clean.

I thank him again for my precious littles and pray for forgiveness. And my constant daily request -Help me become a better child of yours.

A crash and scream in the living room.



James said...

Nice post Sher :) I just finished reading a book I think you may enjoy, "Passionate housewives desparate for God : Fresh Vision for the Hopeful Homemaker", by Jennie Chancey and Stacy McDonald. They describe situations just like yours...I enjoyed it, think you will too! (and, available from amazon.ca!)
Rach :)

willowsprite said...

Thanks, Rachel! I will check it out.

Mum said...

well, on a comical note, you COULD just grin and try to think, oh wow....good thing I don't have 6 kids....yet...LOL!!!!what would you do then? Your hair would already be pulled out, so you'd have to start biting all your nails off..(teehee)
I know it sounds easy for one to say, but to me, it sounds like you need to smile a little more and just tell yourself, hey, at least they're healthy and CAN make noise, and CAN move around and get into trouble. It's when you see the show home make over, that you see how some families have to cope with a child in a wheelchair, or the husband can't repair the home anymore cuz of his returned cancer..It just gives you a whole new appreciation for healthy family members. I look at your pics and just love the fact that God has blessed me with healthy kids and grandkids. I know you know that already, but what I am trying to say is...Don't sweat the small stuff. Your life is relatively easy, and just enjoy them while they are young. When they fight next time in the bathtub, enter the bathroom and act goofy instead. They'll laugh and they'll wonder why you came in, in the first place. Consistency is the hardest thing to do. After 2 warnings, and *if it's callum* take him out of the tub, and tell him that next time, you hope he behaves better. He'll be angry, but he has healthy lungs and will get over it...lol.
Try to lighten your frustrations and impatience by humming your fav Hymn. It works. I promise.
love you!