Potato waffles, anyone? Made by a little boy who always rummages around in the cupboards when Mommy's in the kitchen.Superhero goggles.
Hiding from the noisy noisy vacuum.
Don't turn around for even a moment. Ever.
Ready to play outside!
Look, I came out of this box!
They've been playing together really well lately. A little bit at a time. :)
Bedtime story. Night-night.


Anonymous said...

Look how big Asher is getting! He looks like a little man now! Can you send some snow our way?!?!?!?


Marlaine said...

Great pics Sherri! I love following your family doings... I might not always comment, but I do check up often :)
Phone chat date soon??

Chels said...

Wow Sherri, your boys are getting so big and grown up! You never realize how much time passes until you see how grown up someone else's kids are starting to get. Merry Christmas!

willowsprite said...

We will try, Alicia! Thanks for checking, Mar. :)
Merry Christmas to you too, Chelsey. Your girls are getting big too! They all grow way too fast, hey?