Christmas Chocolates

Last week I got together with a friend for an all-day chocolate-fest! We used paintbrushes and coloured molding wafers to apply the details, and then filled in the rest of the molds with milk chocolate or white molding wafers. We even made some truffles and caramel-filled squares.
Some of these are too pretty to eat! Although I did eat too many of them already... ;)
It was so fun to hang out and do something crafty. Now I have a desire to run out and find some molds myself and go crazy with some ideas. Maybe she'll let me come over and use hers again....:D

The boys loved playing with a new friend, too. They even had a tea party. Something that A-team loved so much, he's carrying on the tradition at home. Whenever he sees a tea pot he asks, "Tea party? Tea party?" He actually likes tea and coffee and will sit at the table with me and mooch when I have my morning brew. ;)


Linda V said...

I always loved your truffles!

Pieterman Family said...

You are so lucky!!! Send some to Ontario, will you?

Mel said...

Your welcome to come over again!and do it all over again!(and soon would be best!!)

willowsprite said...

Thanks Linda! Pietermans, sorry, they're...um...all gone already. Oops.
Mel, I will! Yay!

Marlaine said...

Sweet! In many ways :)