Gingerbread Shack

The first bake, minus the gingerpeople and gingertrees, which had to be sampled, of course!
One thing I haven't done with the boys yet is make a gingerbread house. They look like fun, but also a lot of work. This week I borrowed a cast iron gingerbread house mold from a new friend and we gave it a whirl. It was handy that I didn't have to do any measuring and cutting, or worry about warping this way.
I couldn't find my piping bags, they must still be packed somewhere. I just used a spatula to apply the royal icing. The house kept falling over. I wonder if next time I should trim the edges, making them even so that it sits flatter on the base. The boys had a blast decorating with haartjes, jelly beans, bells and ribbon-candy. Andes mints were the doors, and C-note was sure to apply one sideways for a special cat door.
Help....I would be saying that too if my house was this lopsided. ;)

The finished product, complete with many many icing-fingerprints. As a result of setting it back up many many times! :D It was so fun. I love making memories like this.


Zuster D. said...


Do you make the icing by yourself? I bought a gingerbread house at the ikea, without icing. And I have no idea how to make it.
Do you have an idea?

mum said...

GREAT job Boys!! You made it so nice and yummy looking!! Someday when Gramma comes, you can maybe make cookies for her!~ lol...
Nice pics Sherri!! thanks for posting!

willowsprite said...

I used the "Icing Cement" recipe on this page: http://homecooking.about.com/od/cookierecipes/r/blcookie111.htm

It gets hard like a rock when it dries, and it looks nice and white!

Daniƫlle said...