"C-note, would you like your banana sliced, and put on your peanut butter sandwich just like Daddy likes it?"
"Yeah? You're sure? You'd like me to slice up the banana and put it on your peanut butter bread?"
"Ok...just to be sure...(you can never be too sure) you want banana on your bread with peanut butter?
I make a peanut butter and banana sandwich and place it in front of him. He looks at it.

"I don't like that."

(It took him twice as long as usual to eat, but eventually it got eaten.)Meanwhile...
*munch munch* "Eyes!!"
*munch munch* "Owl! Hoo-hoo!"


Happy Birthday, Oma!

My Oma celebrated her 92nd birthday on Sunday. These pictures are from when we visited her in June, before we moved out here. Although her eyesight is deteriorating, it is such a blessing that she still lives in her own little apartment. I can only pray that I live as long and healthy life so I can see my great-grandchildren!
Before leaving, she gave me a ceramic Christmas tree I had always admired throughout my childhood. As I put it on our desk this Christmas, it sure brightened up our dark-at-three-thirty-already livingroom! Every winter it will be a reminder of my lovely Oma.


He Remains Faithful

I picked up the magazine that I brought home from the mailbox and looked at the front cover. And let it drop to the floor...

The photo on the front was of a new pastor being ordained in a church we had visited extensively during the candidacy. One we had gotten a lot of positive vibes and felt it was a potential home for us.

The memory of time served at seminary, the time that took up so much of our lives came rushing to the surface. The frustration of waiting and the grief of the loss of something we never had crushes me once again.

I don't know if it ever go away. The unanswered questions, the bafflement, the sorrow will rise again from the back of my mind. It's why it is hard seeing images like this, or hearing about what's going on in church politics.

But what I don't know will always be trumped but what I do know. He remains faithful. I can't see the Big Picture that God has painted for us. It may include grief, struggles, questions... And he uses our trials to lead us to a place of deeper dependence on him and his promises.