Blue Heron Parade and Fair

Last Saturday we were out the door pretty early for the Blue Heron Parade. Even though it was raining, we figured we could watch it from our friends' balcony, otherwise we were prepared with umbrellas and boots. Well, at least the boys were covered in that area. The rain let up just in time for the parade to begin. Alas, I forgot my camera that morning, so I don't have any photos of the firetrucks spraying each other, or the weird-looking cat float bank made by TD, or the horses trotting by. Oh, and the handfuls of candy thrown by the float passengers!

Later that afternoon C-note and I went to the fair. Mainly for the animals, as you can see. There was a petting zoo with a bunch of critters including a baby pig who screamed like a banshee when anyone tried to pick him up. I put a cute lil' bunny on C-note's lap and that was it. He was absolutely smitten. He didn't want to hold the duck or pet the pups. Or look at the sheep, goats, or the soft baby cow. Even the forlorn-looking donkey and colt didn't get a glance. He only had eyes for Bunny:

Then we found the bouncy garden, which had a slide, a tree, a turtle and some bushes. It's the only other thing C-note wanted to try at the fair as all the other things looked a little too scary for him. Except for the balloon artist but the line-up was too long. And he wasn't interested in getting his face painted. He almost went on a pony ride but then changed his mind. So the bouncy castle it was! And just before we left there wasn't a line-up so he went six times in a row, with a "One more time?" after each one.

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