Yesterday C-note celebrated his fourth birthday. When he woke up we told him it was his birthday and he said "Oh! I'm four! But....I'm not big now..."
We had some friends help us eat his birthday cake. Thanks for helping us celebrate, guys. We all had so much fun, and he loves his new cars and stickers! He played with them all day.
C-note is into the "why" stage. Why do we have arms? Why do we walk? Why are there windows/grass/rocks/clouds? Each answer is followed up with another why question. I love seeing him try figure out everything.
Happy Birthday to my sweet, sensitive, sometimes-shy, not-so-little-anymore boy.


Mrs. Bob said...

happy birthday, callum!
four already???? I still remember him as a newborn!!!! time flies. (i guess saying that makes me old. :)

Kathryn said...

Mike was going to call for his birthday but I'm not sure if he did. Sorry if not. Happy Birthday Callum!
Funny thing; I dozed off on the couch today and woke to Kylie standing looking at me, but for the first moment after I opened my eyes I thought it was Callum! They must have some familial similarities, I just never noticed before.

Anonymous said...

happy Belated Birthday Callum -
I miss you! ♥ Deanna