My raspberry bushes runneth over.
Yummy whipped cream from Mommy's new mixer.
Sunday afternoon catnap (or kitten-nap, since he's been prentending to be a kitten for since we got here.) (Because of all the neighbourhood cats who think they own our backyard.)We love our people-powered reel lawnmower.
The grass before our lawnmower pwned it.
Glowing glass.
Fresh-from-the-garden potatoes from church friends.
$1 umbrella + $1 rainboots = 1 prepared boy for the upcoming storm.The rainbow that followed the storm.


Lisa said...

1. Did you get a Kitchenaid? Love mine!
2. Is that raspberry jam in the glowing jars? Mmmmm
3. I love Callum's horsie umbrella (it is a horse, right?)

Herman harsevoort said...

Look at the strong Asher, mowing the lawn for Dad!!

willowsprite said...

1. I did! My handheld mixer attachments broke and the Kitchenaid stand mixer was on sale at CT and we had gift money from my parents to get something for our house and voila!
2. It is strawberry jam, but I did make some raspberry jam on Friday. I just like the picture!
3. It is a horse! And he loves it and it gets tons of use here. :) We found it in a thrift store when Mom was still here.