First Haircut

It was time. Although the curls were gorgeous, his hair was getting too long and poofy. And we were kind of getting tired of people calling him "she."
I don't really know what I'm doing when it comes to cutting hair with scissors so I just wung it. Winged it?
Anyway, after a few screams and a few minutes I gained some confidence while I completed the task. And now he looks like a different little boy.
I miss the ringlets, though.


Lisa said...

Aw, the curls were so cute. But you're right, he does look much more boyish now, and he's still a cutie.

Shauna said...

We had the same thing with Conner - he had lovely tight blond curls until he was around 2 1/2. People would always comment on my cute little girl, even though he was generally dressed sport themed clothes. I think I cried for a week after his first haircut