We have two apple trees in the backyard. The one at the back fence seems to be doing a bit better than the one closer to the house. I wonder what kind of apples they are...and will there be sauces and crisps and pies in our future...?

This branch is from the near tree. Half of it looks like this, with withered blackened buds and fruit and yellowed leaves. The other half of the tree has some nice looking apples:

Bringing outside in - some lovely blooms from the rosebush beside our deck. There is also a huge peony bush out back, but it is done blooming. It seems to be a popular plant around here. A giant rhubarb plant still had a few good stalks on it so Mom made us some yummy rhubarb sauce.Today I picked some ripe, juicy raspberries from some bushes at the back of our yard! There are many more that are still green as well. We'll have some yummy treats for a while, which is great as produce here is very expensive.
I gave one to A-team, who promptly smashed the poor berry...

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