I know, Mr. Bunny, I can't help myself either...*sniff sniiiiiiff* ah, yum.
There is something very satisfying about seeing rows of just-made preserves on the table. Especially when the sun shines through the jar, causing the contents to glow while you gaze at the...er, clean up the big mess you just made. Ah, bask in the sun, my pretties... uh.... ahem. Where was I? Oh, yes. I made some jam. Some cooked, some uncooked. I think I like the flavour of the uncooked better, but of course it won't last as long as the processed jars. I also used a "light pectin" so I could use less sugar. I liked it and I think I will use it from now on, as I find that although homemade jam is so yummy, it is way too sweet. But the less-sugar recipe is just right. So long as you don't overdo it. (she says after making 14 jars of jam) Mmmm, strawberry jam! :)


Zuster D. said...

You are right. Homemade jam is way to sweet. But its still fun to do :)
How do you make uncooked jam?
I've never heard aboutt hat!

Marlaine said...

Mmmmm.... and the bottles do look pretty :)

willowsprite said...

Yeah, that's the problem with jam! So sweet! Although you can make natural spreads or buy jam-type spreads too, they're less sweet.
Uncooked jam is made pretty much the same way except you don't cook it - just stir the pectin and sugar into crushed berries. But you have to freeze it or use it up within three weeks because it is not preserved.

Zuster D. said...

Thanks! I'll try it someday!

Sarah said...

Sounds yummy and looks amazing. I can't believe you have the energy to make jam so soon after such a big move... I am envious!