The Last Two Weeks

You've all been eagerly waiting, so here finally is an update as to what has been happening in The Harseverse! The past two weeks have flown by, dragged on, stressed and exhilirated us!
First, our moving truck was packed. Thanks again helpers! Then we went to Gramma's and played with lots of cousins. C-note is really growing up this summer. He is getting a little braver and even got used to the pool. He began to love the trampoline so much we could barely get him off of it.Early Monday morning all our earthly possesions began the long journey to our new home, with Dad (an ex-trucker) at the wheel and Mom as navigator, so we knew our goods were safe. ;) C-note and I went to our "old house" during the week to clean it up. I vacuumed and washed while he swatted all the flies that had taken up residence already!I had to take a photo of the door that goes nowhere. I always hoped that it would lead to Narnia someday, but I guess I'm too old to enter that land.We loved staying at "Gramma and Grampa wif Uncle Piet"'s house and I think Uncle Piet did too. Especially when A-team discovered he could climb on his chair so he could get a better chat in.Friday was flyday. The children were pretty good on the plane. C-note was a little unsure about the take off and landing, but stayed calm with Daddy beside him. And he got to watch a lot of tv. Enough to last a year, probably. ;) A-team slept for about five minutes or so. Of course it's not as comfy as being in your own bed. And he's getting a little too big for holding in sleeping position in such a little seat. He did well, though, with little walks up and down the aisle every so often to break the monotony.Arriving in our new province!


Lisa said...

Yay Pictures! Now some of your new house? (Saw a few at Mom & Dad's...)

Anonymous said...

Sheesh! Sherri doesn't live to serve you....be patient....she's not done here yet!

Lisa said...

I know :)