Rainbow Cupcakes

We have met so many wonderful people in our new church community. We feel blessed to join them, and honoured that they are so welcoming. We've met some of Stu's fellow teachers, new friends who have helped with the moving in, and even had supper at a honey farm. These rainbow cupcakes are one of the many gifts we recieved since moving in. Aren't they fun? The beautifully decorated cake we recieved from another helpful "mover" was gobbled up so fast I forgot to take a picture of that... and the cookies we also recieved went into the freezer. I think we've been gaining some weight around here! :)
"It's all coloury inside!"


T.B.H. said...

Really glad to read your new church family is so welcoming. Looks like you have a beautiful spot there and you are all settling in! Good to read that. Soon Stu will start work, and then all will become more of a daily routine for you all. I miss seeing you here, but gives me a good reason to stop in if I ever drive out to BC.

Marlaine said...

Those are really cool :)
Glad you're starting to feel at home. Would love a phone chat some time eh? :)

willowsprite said...

You are welcome to come any time, Mrs. H! :)
For sure, Marlaine! Every time I think of phoning you it's already late there! I'll get the time right soon. ;)

Mum said...

yum...saw these pics before but didn't leave a comment. THEY LOOK SO GOOD!! and the kids look good eatin 'em...lol
LOVE all the pics!