I know, Mr. Bunny, I can't help myself either...*sniff sniiiiiiff* ah, yum.
There is something very satisfying about seeing rows of just-made preserves on the table. Especially when the sun shines through the jar, causing the contents to glow while you gaze at the...er, clean up the big mess you just made. Ah, bask in the sun, my pretties... uh.... ahem. Where was I? Oh, yes. I made some jam. Some cooked, some uncooked. I think I like the flavour of the uncooked better, but of course it won't last as long as the processed jars. I also used a "light pectin" so I could use less sugar. I liked it and I think I will use it from now on, as I find that although homemade jam is so yummy, it is way too sweet. But the less-sugar recipe is just right. So long as you don't overdo it. (she says after making 14 jars of jam) Mmmm, strawberry jam! :)


It's been a rainy season so far out here. And a storm can whip up in a matter of minutes. It always surprises me how quickly the weather can change. The air will be still, with partly cloudy skies, then suddenly the wind starts blowing and clouds billowing in, and with a crack of thunder there's a sudden heavy downpour.


Rainbow Cupcakes

We have met so many wonderful people in our new church community. We feel blessed to join them, and honoured that they are so welcoming. We've met some of Stu's fellow teachers, new friends who have helped with the moving in, and even had supper at a honey farm. These rainbow cupcakes are one of the many gifts we recieved since moving in. Aren't they fun? The beautifully decorated cake we recieved from another helpful "mover" was gobbled up so fast I forgot to take a picture of that... and the cookies we also recieved went into the freezer. I think we've been gaining some weight around here! :)
"It's all coloury inside!"


So Tired

This photo was taken the day after we arrived. A combination of jetlag, lack of a good night sleep and a very busy few days took its toll on all of us. A-team even went back to having a morning and afternoon nap for a few days to catch up. C-note needed rests every now and then, too. Unfortunately after this one he was pretty sore!

First Haircut

It was time. Although the curls were gorgeous, his hair was getting too long and poofy. And we were kind of getting tired of people calling him "she."
I don't really know what I'm doing when it comes to cutting hair with scissors so I just wung it. Winged it?
Anyway, after a few screams and a few minutes I gained some confidence while I completed the task. And now he looks like a different little boy.
I miss the ringlets, though.



We have two apple trees in the backyard. The one at the back fence seems to be doing a bit better than the one closer to the house. I wonder what kind of apples they are...and will there be sauces and crisps and pies in our future...?

This branch is from the near tree. Half of it looks like this, with withered blackened buds and fruit and yellowed leaves. The other half of the tree has some nice looking apples:

Bringing outside in - some lovely blooms from the rosebush beside our deck. There is also a huge peony bush out back, but it is done blooming. It seems to be a popular plant around here. A giant rhubarb plant still had a few good stalks on it so Mom made us some yummy rhubarb sauce.Today I picked some ripe, juicy raspberries from some bushes at the back of our yard! There are many more that are still green as well. We'll have some yummy treats for a while, which is great as produce here is very expensive.
I gave one to A-team, who promptly smashed the poor berry...


Cuddling up in the big round chair
Before-bed story
Using a tripod as a telescope
Chillin in the kitchen with Daddy
View into the bath...hey, there's a little boy in there!
Let's go into the livingroom...
Where a multi-tasking Gramma is reading a story...and talking on the phone?
Vacuuming - the thing he fears most, yet it's so irresistible when it's off.
Hey, that's mine!
What are these two scheming now...
Searching for the best deals...
Reading. It's magical!
Talking to "Gramma wif Charlie."


The Last Two Weeks

You've all been eagerly waiting, so here finally is an update as to what has been happening in The Harseverse! The past two weeks have flown by, dragged on, stressed and exhilirated us!
First, our moving truck was packed. Thanks again helpers! Then we went to Gramma's and played with lots of cousins. C-note is really growing up this summer. He is getting a little braver and even got used to the pool. He began to love the trampoline so much we could barely get him off of it.Early Monday morning all our earthly possesions began the long journey to our new home, with Dad (an ex-trucker) at the wheel and Mom as navigator, so we knew our goods were safe. ;) C-note and I went to our "old house" during the week to clean it up. I vacuumed and washed while he swatted all the flies that had taken up residence already!I had to take a photo of the door that goes nowhere. I always hoped that it would lead to Narnia someday, but I guess I'm too old to enter that land.We loved staying at "Gramma and Grampa wif Uncle Piet"'s house and I think Uncle Piet did too. Especially when A-team discovered he could climb on his chair so he could get a better chat in.Friday was flyday. The children were pretty good on the plane. C-note was a little unsure about the take off and landing, but stayed calm with Daddy beside him. And he got to watch a lot of tv. Enough to last a year, probably. ;) A-team slept for about five minutes or so. Of course it's not as comfy as being in your own bed. And he's getting a little too big for holding in sleeping position in such a little seat. He did well, though, with little walks up and down the aisle every so often to break the monotony.Arriving in our new province!